Our culture and values

Our processes differentiate us from our competitors. But this goes deeper. The fundamental difference at AsiaTech, Inc. comes from the unique culture and values that underpin the way we run the company and the way we behave. This is reflected in our four Governing Principles.

Foster an entrepreneurial culture

We are passionate about building innovative and successful AsiaTech businesses. We succeed by encouraging and generating new ideas. We trust our people to deliver. We embrace change and, by taking measured risks, encourage creative thinking.

Enable our people to excel

Our success comes from our commitment and energy to go the extra mile. We are responsible to each other and can expect support when we need it most. We expect our people to achieve more by recognising and harnessing the power of individuals. We value people for their knowledge, ideas, and potential to contribute.

Deliver our promises

We do what we say we will do to meet expectations. We only promise what we can deliver. If we make mistakes we put them right. We are clear about what we need to achieve and we expect to make a fair profit.

Build trust and respect

We build respect by operating in a safe, socially responsible, consistent, and honest manner. We never compromise on safety and always operate in an ethical and responsible manner. We listen. In doing so, we treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves and challenge when we see something is wrong. We integrate with our communities.