Benefits of Outsourcing your Back Office to AsiaTech, Inc.

Make a change to a connected world

Free yourself from tedious bookkeeping and administration by relying on better workflow systems and our team of qualified accountants.

Stay informed. Our snapshot reports are easy for your clients to understand without having to know the jargon.

Get back your time. Sleep well knowing your data is secure, yet accessible 24/7.

Use your newfound freedom to spend more time with clients.

Apply your savings to the things that matter most to help your business grow.


What sets AsiaTech, Inc. apart?


Experienced, chartered accountants with command over dozens of accounting software.

Cloud access to global talent anywhere you need it.

Unlimited Scalability. Transparent resource solutions can be scaled up and down.

Your data stays in Manila, Philippines. We use the most secure hosting in the country.

Low Price. Fixed monthly cost means no hidden fees.